Egg Freezing, Sperm Banking and Embryo Storage

The Advanced Fertility Preservation Institute (AFPI) was developed with you and your future family in mind. Our cutting-edge clinic provides both women and men the most advanced cryopreservation (preservation or freezing) treatment* options to enable conception when you are ready.

Women are born with a finite number of eggs and from the time they are born, the number of these eggs begins to diminish.  Between the ages of 35-37, the quality of eggs declines as well, making it more difficult to conceive. Unfortunately, this process can be hastened due to medical causes and/or treatments. Whether for reasons that are voluntary or medical, women may choose to preserve their eggs so they can have the option to expand their family later in life.

Though it is widely believed that men may be able to conceive at the same rate throughout their life, a study conducted in 2013 found that like women, men’s fertility slowly declines after the age of 34, leading to an increase in time it takes to conceive. Similar to women, men may need to delay conception for elective or medical reasons or lose the ability to reproduce due to health concerns. By preserving their sperm, men may also be able to delay timing of conception.

Finally, both women and men have the option to preserve embryos (an egg fertilized with sperm). Research demonstrates egg1-3, sperm4-10, and embryo11 preservation all yield successful pregnancies.

Our dedicated team led by a Fertility Preservation Coordinator (FPC) is ready to take this journey with you. Please take a look at the following pages and schedule a free in-office consultation with our FPC to discuss your questions and see if fertility preservation is right for you.

*The process of preserving eggs or sperm at sub-zero temperatures.

About Dr. Miller, MD, FACOG

Dr. Charles E. Miller is a Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and is in private practice in metropolitan Chicago.



“I realized that freezing my eggs is always better sooner rather than later. And since I had no immediate plans to settle down and procreate, it would be smart to have a back-up plan. At 27, I started stimulation medications and had my egg retrieval a few weeks later. I am so happy that I have an insurance plan for later in life.” —Rachel Watterson


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