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What to Expect: Sperm Preservation

Luckily for men, the process for freezing sperm is less invasive on the body and is not as demanding in dollars and time as it is for women.

1) Consultation
You will first meet with our Fertility Preservation Coordinator (FPC) to evaluate your medical history, perform a semen analysis and ultimately determine eligibility in our sperm cryopreservation program.

2) Testing
During a semen analysis, sperm will be evaluated based on volume and viscosity of semen and sperm count, motility, swimming speed and shape.

3) Sperm collection, evaluation and storage
Once you are ready to preserve your sperm, the procedure itself is quite simple. An appointment will be arranged to preserve the sperm. If your residence is within 30 minutes of the office, sperm collection can be performed in the privacy of your home. However, most of our male patients choose to come to our office, where a private semen collection room is at your disposal.

Semen must be collected through masturbation after abstinence of 3-5 days. Sperm will then be evaluated and results will be communicated to you.

Adequate sperm will be separated and cryopreserved in subzero temperatures. Immediately after they are frozen, your sperm will be placed into one of our liquid nitrogen storage containers for safe-keeping.

At the Advanced Fertility Preservation Institute, we provide storage for our patients to give them peace of mind during this process. Our state-of-the-art facility is licensed for preservation by the State of Illinois and has all of the proper technology in place to assure the safe, long-term preservation of your sperm.

If you plan on freezing embryos, you will provide a sample at the time of your partner’s egg retrieval (see What to Expect: Egg Preservation). The sperm will be used to fertilize the extracted, matured eggs. Embryos will also undergo the same analysis and will be stored in the facility. In our facility, we have had success using embryos preserved for nearly 15 years.

4) Pregnancy
Once you are ready to move forward with pregnancy, please call Dr. Miller’s office at (630) 428-2229 and the staff can walk you through this next part of the journey.


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